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Principle of Operation
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                                                                                          High pressure gas without it
1, working principle
The best building coating construction method-no gas spraying high pressure
High pressure spraying principle, do not have gas is to use the high pressure piston pump constantly to airtight coating line conveying, and in an airtight room coating is formed in high pressure, and then release the coating tube connected to the end of the gun trigger, high-voltage coating flow through the spray compulsory extremely small mouth and the formation, thus to be shot atomization coated surfaces. Without the characteristics of the high pressure gas spraying:
Spraying high efficiency, high output, and is suitable for engineering
Less "after spray" and coating rebound
High transmission efficiency, economize the coating
Can spraying high viscosity paint, without excessive water
Once a film thickness thicker, need not spend many more spraying
Dint strong, increase coating and wall body mechanical bite together
Spraying quality good, reduce the construction cost increase the competitive power

High pressure without gas spraying and artificial brush roller comparison
Spraying efficiency is artificial brush roller of 10 times
Spraying cost is far lower than the artificial brush roller
Spraying coating level off is smooth, brushless mark, roller marks
Deal with uneven parts, and easily can save a coating
Coating, coating adhesion high long service life